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What is E-Makro?

Today, our world is powered by the innovative solutions of technology touching on every aspect of our lives.

As an extension of a world re-engineered through tech and digitization, E-Makro is the first marketplace in the region created to sell successfully crowdfunded technology products. It’s a space where you can find the best in innovative gadgets and accessories that will allow you to live in the world of the future today. From AI/Robots to Virtual Reality, and more, E-Makro aims to drive the development of revolutionary technologies to their maximum potential.

Together we believe in forging partnerships with talented, likeminded individuals and reputable organizations that bring pioneering gadgets and accessories to our audiences.

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At E-Makro we are passionate about turning dreams into realities. Through our globally integrated ecosystem and tech platform, our partners will have access to a digital gateway with thousands of consumers, helping you transition to the next big step.

Collaboratively we will uphold our promise and help you deliver innovative technology that will transform daily lives for the better.

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