Read This If You're Anxious About The New Year

When you find yourself anxious about the future, that's okay, just remember you don't need all the answers now; take it a day at a time.

If you're anxious about the new year, set goals.

Set goals that align with where you see yourself next month, or next year. Set goals that will guide you through the rough patches. You're more likely to act on your impulses if you don't set goals because they come at any point, and they don't always mean much besides being a distraction. Goals remind you why you're here. Goals remind you why you get out of bed each day. Goals tell you what your values are, and what means the most to you. Setting goals keep you focused when you're overwhelmed by anxiety because they remind you what's ahead instead of the trouble your facing now.

If you're anxious about the new year, give yourself room to make mistakes.

This year won't be perfect. This year will challenge you. This year you'll try new things and meet new people, travel to new places, so you'll make mistakes along the way because you're experiencing something new. You're navigating new territory. At this time, you will learn a lot about your purpose, your passion, and people, so leave room to explore and make mistakes. Mistakes are how you learn what you like, dislike, and love.

If you're anxious about the new year, remember you've done this before.

Each year up until this point, you made it. You struggled through the downs and soaked in the ups. You've faced almost every lesson that you will need to learn; it just looked different each time. You are made of all the years you've lived through. There is a reason you made it another revolution around the sun. You made it another year to continue your growth and make your mark on the world.

If you're anxious about the new year, explore those feelings.

Settle into those feelings of why you're anxious. Something there wants to be understood. There is something about the unknown that you are worried about. Make small goals to figure out what that is. Make it a priority to figure out what will make you feel better about entering a new year. Getting to the root of your anxiety isn't easy, but it's empowering. It allows you to be more present and aware of your "in the moment" feelings. When we allow worry to guide us, we end up back in our comfort zone, where things stay the same, but this year take the wheel and let your heart, your dreams, your ambitions guide you to where you genuinely want to be.

If you're anxious about the new year, take it a day at a time.

Sometimes it's as simple as recognizing that you don't need to have everything figured out today, or tomorrow. All you need to worry about are the choices you make today. You're not always going to know what the right choice is, but if you go by what's best for you at that moment, and possibly in the near future, then that's a step closer to feeling less anxious because you can't predict every outcome. The best you can do is plan and adjust because unexpected things come up all the time. When you find yourself anxious about the future, that's okay, just remember you don't need all the answers now; take it a day at a time.

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