6 Must-Have Smart Products for Your Office

These six awesome smart products are here to help.
Photo by Georgie Cobbs on Unsplash 

Your office is not just any place, it’s where you weave together the tapestry that is your business, your success, and your legacy. The most important thing in your office is you, and that’s precisely why you should use technology that enables you.

Working hard is essential to success, but so is working smart, and with the right gadgets you can enhance your productivity, focus, and comfort so that you always function at your best.

These six awesome smart products are here to help.

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1. Mindset: Smart Headphones That Improve Your Concentration

Courtesy of Thinkmindset.com

Focus is the new IQ, and for a good reason. Without focus, we won’t get anything done, no matter how smart we are or how talented our team is.

Mindset isn’t just a pair of HQ, Bluetooth, noise-cancelling headphones, it also uses integrated EEG technology to track your concentration while you work — and alerts you when you lose concentration. The same tech has been used to treat ADHD, improve the creativity of Olympic athletes, and train NASA astronauts.

Now it’s at your fingertips too.

Looking for a tool that will literally train your mind to tune out distractions?

Mindset does exactly that.

2. Ostrich Pillow

Courtesy of Ostrichpillow.com

A power nap of only 20 minutes can increase your productivity by more than 30%. The problem: how do you power nap at your desk, or in transit, or virtually anywhere else where you lack a couch to flop out on?

The Ostrich Pillow is the answer.

It may look funny at first glance, but this massively successful kick-starter product raised almost triple its $70,000 goal — and there’s a good reason for that. The Ostrich Pillow is designed to enable anyone to easily power nap anytime, anywhere, within a quiet, cozy, breathable micro-environment.

So now you can take a nap no matter where you are, and reap the benefits.

3. Slow Dance — A Frame That Slows Down Time

In this hyper-fast world, it’s important to slow down as well, especially when you sit down to do your best work.

Slow Dance is a picture frame that makes real objects appear to move in slow motion, and it is an elegant testament to beauty. Combining science, technology, and art, this optical illusion sculpture creates a graceful slow motion that quiets the mind, lowers stress, and helps you be truly present.

It literally reminds you to slow down.

From weeds to flowers to feathers, each object you clip into Slow Dance will reveal its own unique slowness — and add a tasteful, mindful touch to your office.

4. SPECTA — The 12-in-1 Premium Pen & Fidget Ball Combo


No matter what sort of work you do, you’re bound to fidget — it’s a natural outlet to relieve stress. And while there are plenty of cheap plastic devices out there to fidget with, none hold a candle to SPECTA.

SPECTA is a robust, serious tool for both fidgeting and work, combining a sleek ballpoint pen and stylus with a satisfying, twisting design that allows you to fidget silently so you don’t disturb those around you. It also features the SPECTA Ball, a hybrid pen stand that has nine unique functions of its own.

This isn’t your teenage relative’s fidget spinner. This is a serious multi-tool for work, focus, and play.

5. Sgnl — Make Phone Calls With Your Fingertip, Literally

Probably the coolest upgrade for your watch. Ever.

Sgnl is a wearable smart strap that fits almost any watch and enables you to answer calls with just a fingertip. Connected to your phone via Bluetooth, Sgnl generates harmless vibrations and transmits them to your fingertip, creating amplified sound within the closed space of your ear and allowing you to hear the call as you speak through a microphone embedded in the Sgnl strap.


It also integrates seamlessly with the Sgnl App to make your day healthier, more organized, and convenient — all while making you feel like a James Bond character.

Double awesome.

6. Magnetic Notes — Paper That Clings To Anything

Courtesy of  Magnetic

These geniuses literally reinvented the sticky note — and you can use it to optimize your environment.

Magnetic is a reusable note that you can stick on almost anything. Be it brainstorming, to-dos, messages, or notes for a meeting, Magnetic enables you to stick them on any dry surface using stable static charge technology, eliminating the need for pins, glue, buttons, and thumb tacks.

Its smooth surface allows for beautiful handwriting, regardless of whether you use a pencil, pen, or marker. Not only that, you can write on either side, stick from either side, erase it, and reuse it over and over again. What does that mean? Less waste. Less spending. Less hassle. Less thumb tacks on the carpet. 

Magnetic takes what used to be a cluttering, messy hassle and makes it ultra-convenient, simple, and fun.

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