T-Colors Travel Espresso Maker

Making great Espresso has never been easier!

Make Barista-Grade Espresso without a Fuss with this Coffee Maker's 18-Bar Electric Pump, 30-Second Extraction Time & 100-Shot Capacity.

Ever wish to make your own favorite coffee house beverages at home? But found the expensive and complicating espresso machines not worth the trouble? Then this Kopipresso T-Colors Travel Espresso Bullet might be the solution you’ve been looking for. This espresso maker is packed with technology, compact in size, and wireless operation. It also works well with both Nespresso capsules and coffee grounds. The patented 18-bar electric pump ensures a creamy rich extraction every time. Built-in battery and advanced power management allow 100 shots on a full charge.

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T-Colors Travel Espresso Maker - e-makro
T-Colors Travel Espresso Maker - e-makro
T-Colors Travel Espresso Maker - e-makro
T-Colors Travel Espresso Maker - e-makro
T-Colors Travel Espresso Maker - e-makro
T-Colors Travel Espresso Maker - e-makro

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Making great Espresso has never been easier

You never have to be intimidated with a complex, over-kill coffee machine again

Automatic 18bar extraction 

The strong and constant 18bar pressured extraction ensures an espresso with abundant and delicately rich crema

Advanced battery management system 

Advanced battery management system ensures 100 cups on a full charge and battery life of 1000 cycles lasting 3-5 years. Be fully charged in 2 hours with 2A fast charing capability 

Espresso In 3 Simple Steps

Here is how you can prepare that espresso without the hard labour you are used to in the past

Put the capsule into the main machine

Add hot water into the water tank

Press the start button

For ground coffee, replace step one with scooping in of coffee grind and and tamping with given tamping cup

Cafe Grade Espresso In Your Hands

udge the quality of espresso at a glance. Once you get the water temperature and coffee right, the pump of your espresso maker determines the final outcome And all you have to do is take a good look at the crema crown on your espresso shot to decide Thanks to the patented compact pump technology, the Travel Espresso Maker can operate at constant pressure of 18 bar producing a rich and fragrant cafe grade espresso


Less than 18 bar

Be Your Own Barista

With the Kopipresso espresso maker, you can enjoy the same quality and rich variety that you would find in a café. Most popular coffee house drinks are made using common kitchen ingredients, such as fresh milk and chocoloate along with espresso.

Creating great tasting milk- based drinks like creamy lattes and foamy cappuccinos at home will now be a reality​


1-oz. shot or doppio (double shot)

Caffe Americano

Espresso and water

Caffe Latte

Espresson with steamed milk and foam (4-6 oz.)

Caffe Mocha

Latte and chocolate (4-6 oz.)


Espresso with steamed and frothed milk (4-6 oz.)


Espresso and dollop warm milk (2 oz.)

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